Cosmetic Eyeliner

Time to ditch the eyeliner pencil! If you are sick of wasting time trying to even out your eyeliner, struggle applying it or have minimal lashes then cosmetic eyeliner is for you ! Using out top of the line PMU device we implant pigment along the lash line of the upper and lower eyelid. PMU really simplifies your makeup application and can be designed for a range of styles, shapes and shades.

LASH ENHANCEMENT – This technique is designed to give the appearance of a fuller, thicker lashes and defining the shape of the eyes, achieving a beautifully feminine eye. The pigment is implanted only throughout the rows of lashes starting and ending with the most inner and outer natural lash.

DESIGNER LINER – This technique is for you gals wanting a little sass without the daily effort! The pigment in this style is implanted above the lash line and extends out past the outer lash into a wing or wedge shape. This technique can really transform your eyes by choosing the right wing shape and style to best compliment your eye shape, designing the eyeliner with pencil before we apply is a critical step in this treatment process. Designer liner is not suitable for deeply hooded eyes or monolids.