Cosmetic Tattoo Treatments

What is Cosmetic Tattoo?

Cosmetic tattoo, also know as “permanent makeup ” or “micropigmentation” is a popular cosmetic treatment where by pigment is implanted into the dermis layer of the skin, instantly improving your overall appearance by balancing the features of the face. We currently offer cosmetic tattooing of the brows, eyes and lips. Each procedure is done to measurements of particular points on your face to ensure you have the best suited design for you and your facial structure. There is no one size fits all shape!

During your treatment after your topical numbing is applied and removed, we will map out the design of the treatment taking into consideration clients preference and style as well as using these points for measuring. Only once we are both happy we will begin treatment. Treatment time varies, please be sure to allow enough time as we cannot rush perfection.

Cosmetic Tattoo is a two part process , after your initial session a perfecting session is required 6 weeks later to do just that, perfect them!

Cosmetic Brows

Welcome to your best brow life! Waking up with perfectly shaped brows everyday is absolutely life changing but with many different styles it is important to know the difference between each one. Choosing the right brow will come down to personal preference , skin type and natural brow hair. Not every style is suitable for everyone.

OMBRE BROWS – Gives a natural powdery finish much like the look of soft brow pencil. As the name implies the brows have an ombre effect with the bulb of the brow being lighter and darkening through to the tails. The effect can be soft fluffy and natural or more defined, precise and structured. Ombre brow technique is performed using a top of the line specialised PMU device to implant the pigment evenly and safely with minimal trauma to the skin. The Brow Basement specialises in this technique as it is suitable for all skin types and in our opinion delivers the most flattering outcome.

COMBINATION BROWS – A combination of fluffy hair strokes in the bulb of the brow blending into a powder brow through to the tail. This technique is performed using a top of the line specialised PMU device to achieve the hair strokes and the powdered finish. This is great for clients with minimal natural hair in the bulb of the brow and the outcome can be more natural and fluff or more structed depending on preference and natural hair. Suitable for normal-dry skin types.

Please note here at The Brow Basement we do not microblade. Microblading or Feather Brows is a tattoo technique where by hair strokes are implemented into the skin by slicing with a tiny blade. It is strictly only suitable for certain skin types and should only be performed by a suitable expert. The Brow Basement specialise in cosmetic tattoo performed only with a Permanent Make Up Device therefore we do not offer this service.

COMING SOON – NANO BROWS – Precisely implanted hair strokes to give the appearance of a natural looking, fuller, fluffier brow. This technique is performed with a specialised PMU device which creates less trauma to the skin and more even implantation of colour than old fashioned microblading. This is not suitable for oily skin types.

Cosmetic Lip Blush

Our Luxe Lip Blush technique is the perfect way to redefine your pout, adding a flush of colour through the lips giving them more symmetry and definition to the boarder. This technique gives the appearance of fuller lips by using an ombre effect blending the chosen shade from the vermillion boarder into the centre of your natural lip colour. Lip Blush is performed using a top of the line PMU device and the process itself also helps collagen production in the lip! BONUS! This treatment is great for a low maintenance makeup regime, meaning you can literally gloss and go! No more having to worry about fussing with pigmented lip products only for it to smudge or bleed off the lip.

Cosmetic Eyeliner

Time to ditch the eyeliner pencil! If you are sick of wasting time trying to even out your eyeliner, struggle applying it or have minimal lashes then cosmetic eyeliner is for you ! Using out top of the line PMU device we implant pigment along the lash line of the upper and lower eyelid. PMU really simplifies your makeup application and can be designed for a range of styles, shapes and shades.

LASH ENHANCEMENT – This technique is designed to give the appearance of a fuller, thicker lashes and defining the shape of the eyes, achieving a beautifully feminine eye. The pigment is implanted only throughout the rows of lashes starting and ending with the most inner and outer natural lash.

DESIGNER LINER – This technique is for you gals wanting a little sass without the daily effort! The pigment in this style is implanted above the lash line and extends out past the outer lash into a wing or wedge shape. This technique can really transform your eyes by choosing the right wing shape and style to best compliment your eye shape, designing the eyeliner with pencil before we apply is a critical step in this treatment process. Designer liner is not suitable for deeply hooded eyes or monolids.

6-8 Week Perfecting Session

All cosmetic tattoo procedures are a two part process. After the initial treatment a secondary treatment is needed 6-8 weeks later to ensure the longevity of your permanent make up and to perfect them! After this you can enjoy a low maintenance regime with recommendations for colour boost sessions every 12-18 months for Cosmetic Brows and every 2-5 years for Lips and Eyeliner.

Saline Tattoo Removal

Any tattoo regrets? Saline tattoo removal is a natural approach to tattoo removal. It is the least invasive and less painful form of tattoo removal. A natural solution called LI_FT is used. Once this solution is implanted into the skin with a PMU device it will lift the pigment to the surface via osmosis. as the pigment rises it will form a scab and once this naturally falls off will reveal a lightened tattoo. Perfect for removing bad/old permanent makeup or small body tattoos. Saline removal can also be done on fresh tattoo where error has occurred or if you are extremely unhappy with the outcome. This MUST be done within 48 hrs of receiving the tattoo.