What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning also know as “epi blading” or “epidermal leveling” is a quick non-invasive manual exfoliation treatment which safely removes the dead skin cell buildup and vellus hairs from the face. Leaving your skin smooth, plump and glowing! A disposable sterile surgical scalpel is used on cleansed dry skin, on a tilted angle to remove or “shave off” the build up. Removing this dead skin build up and hair largely improves the absorption of your skin care products, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, hyper pigmentation and large pores.

Am I suitable for this treatment?

Any patient concerned with:

  • Vellus hair (Peach fuzz/baby hairs)
  • Dry flaky skin
  • Dead skin build up
  • Dull complexion
  • Undesirable skin texture
  • Fine line
  • Congestion 
  • Hyperpigmentation

Any patient wishing to:

  • Prevent acne breakouts
  • Have a flawless smooth base to makeup application
  • Softer glowing skin
  • Have smooth hair free skin
  • Have a more even complexion
  • Improve product/skincare penetration 

All skin types can have this treatment but active acne areas will be avoided.

What to expect During/Post Treatment

During Dermaplaning treatment:

During the treatment the skin will be pulled taught before beginning the planning process to ensure the scalpel can safely exfoliate away the dead skin build up and vellus hairs. At this time you may feel a slight pain free abrasive sensation. The treatment itself is pain free and no numbing is required as we are not cutting the skin. This will be done after the skin has been cleansed and depending on the patients concerns a peel or hydration mask may be applied, finishing off with concern based serums.

Post Dermaplaning Treatment:

No recovery or down time experienced with this treatment. Immediately post treatment expect your skin to be soft, plump, hair free and glowing! This is the perfect base for a flawless foundation application and is a great treatment to do before an event or night out. Some clients may experience slight redness post treatment and this is normal. Be sure to use minimum 30+ sunscreen when outside post treatment

PLEASE NOTE Dermaplaning does NOT stimulate facial hair growth! Vellus facial hair is only stimulated to grow thick or dark by a change in the patients hormone function. The vellus hair on the face dose not grow like normal body or head hair once Dermaplaned.

Post Dermaplaning Facial Aftercare

1. Keep a simple skin care routine for two weeks. Cool water rinsing is advised.
– Gentle Cleanser
– Hyaluronic Acid
– Light weight Moisturiser/Serum

2. Avoid sun exposure 3 days post treatment. High SPF is a must 30+ and higher.

3. Avoid excessive heat 3 days post treatment, ie heavy workouts, sauna, spas and swimming etc.

4. Avoid facial waxing for 7 days

5. Avoid Dermal filler and botox for 2-4 weeks depending on the area treated.

6.Do not exfoliate or use harsh products with Retinol for 2 weeks.

7. Serums are greatly recommended as your skin absorption levels are at an all time high.